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E-Quantum Scan

E-Quantum scan your system for vulnerabilities, our software have a wide range of tools, scanners and tests to assure a 360° protection.

Vulnerability Protection

E-Quantum Scan

Secure the environment of your organization

Among the best practices necessary to keep systems and applications safe, is to regularly check for the presence of security flaws in them by using scan tools. Taking advantage of these security breaches is one of the easiest ways for an attacker to compromise a company’s systems, as the form of exploitation is in the public domain and is widely publicized on the Internet.

E-Quantum Scan has a wide range of tools, scanning and testing to guarantee a 360° protection. E-Quantum has cybersecurity experts, consultants and ethical hackers, dedicated exclusively to analyzing organizations, detecting their weaknesses and finding any gateway to systems, in order to test their level of security.


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